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It is always recommended that a cleansing or road opening ritual be completed after any break up, hot footing or other dark rituals. This type of spiritual work often involves builiding a large amount of negative energy prior to release. It is important to cleanse away any excess negativity so it won't affect you. This should not be taken lightly! Be aware: If you don't cleanse after such work you WILL likely see negative effects in your own life!  If you have a long standing or difficult situation, you may wish to seek professional spiritual assistance. To schedule a Spiritual Reading and Consultaiton with Sister Angel Rose click button

To Make Someone Move
On a Tuesday, poke a small hole into 3 eggs and hollow out the insides. Place Hot Foot Powder mixed with Graveyard Dirt inside the eggs. Throw one egg on top of the person(s) house, throw one egg near the front door and throw the other 2 eggs where the person will step in it (front door or side door usually). As you throw the eggs say, "Person's Name(s) you must move and you must move now! I command it!" Walk away and don't look back.

To Break up a Couple
Beginning on a Saturday for 13 days in a row take a photo of the couple and tear it in half. If you don't have a photo take the couple's names written on a piece of paper and hear them apart. Dress (rub) the paper/photos with Break Up Now Oil and sprinkle the paper/photos with Break Up Now Powder.  Gather 13 Black Couple Ritual Candles for each of the 13 days. Each day, carve each person's name into his or her part of the candle.  Dress (rub) the candle with Break Up Now Oil (use gloves!). Next, sprinkle the candles with Break Up Now Powder. Place the torn photos or papers with names underneath the candle. Each day as you burn a candle concentrate for 13 full minutes on the couple breaking up for good and their having bad problems. You will have lots of wax built up each day from the previous day's candles. On the 13th day when the candle burns out take all the wax and the photos or name papers to a cemetary at night and bury them. Leave 13 dimes on top of the buried items. Walk away and don't look sure to cleanse thoroughly after this!

To Get Rid of a Person at Work 
For 9 days (doesn't have to be in a row, but needs to be everyday you see the person for the next 9 days) sprinkle a small amount of Hot Foot Powder in the person's office or at a place where he or she stands during the day. As you sprinkle the powder  tell him or her that you command that they leave right now and never come back! Do the same thing to his or her car, if available. Place it on the handles and on the tires. Tell the car not to bring him or her back here again.

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