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Using Spiritual Candles
Many varieties of Spiritual candles have traditionally been used in Christian magical rituals for several different reasons including drawing what you want to you and expelling what you don't want away from you. It is VERY important to always remember that intent of your prayers is extremely important in any spiritual works. As you burn your candle it is imperative that you focus on what you want, speak it out loud and feel the emotions associated with your desire. Once work in completed you should believe that it is already the way you desire it to be and walk away with full faith that it is done. Below is information on many different methods in which spiritual candles are utilized.

Using 7 day Jar Candles
Seven day jar candles are very popular for spiritual work of all kinds. They are easy to use and well liked because they tend to be safer from fire hazards due to their enclosed nature. They are often used in conjunction with other spiritual products, but many people also use them alone. They tend to come in two different ways- dressed or undressed. The traditional way of using these types of candles (in my experience) has been to dress them with spiritual oils, herbs, roots and minerals. By dressing the candle with these associated oils, herbs, roots and minerals the desired goal is enhanced and greater success is beleived to be gained. Most people will write out thier petition or desire as if it already is (i.e. "Johnny Anderson born January 15, 1975 is completly in love with me") a reality. One traditional way of doing this is to write your desire upon a torn off piece of brown paper bag. Others believe in using parchment paper. This is a personal decision, but I tend to favor writing upon a paper bag. It is important to understand that your emotion and prayers are important in this process, which is why we suggest completing a spiritual bath ritual to get you energetically in the right place prior to doing your candle work.

Many people say thier prayer daily over the candle as it burns and even talk to the candle as if they are speaking to the desired person or thing. (i.e. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Money is my best friend and lady luck loves me. It comes to me easily and constantly!) It is firmly believed that repeating your prayers and even specific scriptures daily over your candle will assist in pushing your desire out faster. For on going spiritual work (such as money drawing) many people will burn one candle and light one candle after the other. They use the flame of the almost complete candle to light the new candle to keep their spiritual work and energy going. This is a very popular method and many have seen positive results. We offer spiritually dressed and empowered 7 day candles.

After work is completed, many people, including myself, beleive that the jar can provide information on how successful or unsuccessful the work will be. If you have a jar which is completely black after buring it, then you know you need to do more work. If you flame goes out during the work then the person you are working on is likely resisting you or you need to do more work on the situation. If the candle jar is only half black then it may be that you will have a lot of problems in the beginning and then they will get better, but you likely still need to do more work. Your environment will play a major role here as well. If your candle is in a place where the flame will be blown by air or tampered with in other ways, then it may burn black anyway. So, be sure your candle is placed where you can get an accurate evaluation.

Remember that although they are called 7-Day Jar Candles, the amount of burning time varies.

Ritual & Figure Candles
Ritual and figure candles are those that are not enclosed within a jar. These candles are extremely traditional and many spiritual workers like the fact that they can touch the wax and hold it in thier hands during their prayers. These types of candles are normally dressed with related oils for your desired goal and related herbs or powders for your desired goal. Many people will rub oil upon the candle towards them if they want to draw something to them (i.e. love or money) and away from them if they wish to send something away or do dark work (i.e. hot foot or break up). Next, the candles are rolled in related herbs or related powders. Then the candles are burned on top of the person's petition as described above in the 7-Day Candle section. It is also common that people will personalize ritual and figure candles by making a hole in the wax at the bottom of the candle and placing personal items inside the candle and melting wax upon it to keep the items inside the candle.

Different color candles are used for different needs depending on the desire. I have listed below those within my tradition.

Red - Heated Romantic Love or Hot Sex or Fast Results
Pink- Sweet Romantic Love or New Love
White - Blessings, Cleansing  or Marriage
Purple - Power, Performance and Success
Green - Money Drawing, Prosperity or Growth
Brown - Stability of all kinds
Orange - Brings about Change and opens the way
Yellow - Prosperity and Promotion of Change
Gold - Money drawing, Prosperity or Success
Blue - Home Blessings and Health
Black - Dark magic, hot footing, break up work, evil, removing evil

It is highly beleived that the way a candle burns and how fast or slow it burns can determine how successful or unsuccessful it will be. Many believe that a fast burning candle means that you will be successful fast, but it won't last long. Others believe that if a candle keeps going out that the person may be resisting or you need to do more work. Still others believe that the direction the wax runs can determine success (i.e. one person on a couple candle burning faster might mean that the person will give in faster or one person cares more than another.) There are so many ways of looking at a situation that it is best to just go with your intuition or have a reading to determine how successful your work will or won't be.

We offer several ritual and figure candles along with dressing oils and powders.

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