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Using Spiritual Oils
Spiritual oils have traditionally been used in Christian magical rituals for several different reasons including drawing what you want to you and expelling what you don't want away from you. It is VERY important to always remember that intent of your prayers is extremely important in any spiritual works. As you dress yourself with any spiritual product or "throw" spiritual products it is imperative that you focus on what you want, speak it out loud and feel the emotions associated with your desire. Once work in completed you should believe that it is already the way you desire it to be and walk away with full faith that it is done. Below is information on many different methods in which spiritual oils are utilized in spiritual practices.

Worn on the Body or Garments/ Accessories:
When you wish to draw things to you, such as love, money or power to control others then wearing it upon your body is one way to utilize spiritual powders. Many people find that oiling their bodies with spiritual oils assist in increasing their spiritual vibrations for attracting the associated desire. (i.e. rubbing down with Divine Protection Oil will assist in keeping one protected from both physical and spiritual harm.) Others believe that by wearing money and prosperity oils upon themselves or rubbing such oils in thier wallets or purses will assist in increasing thier luck and money drawing power. Just remember when working to draw money to yourself you should feel the feelings of being prosperous and see you money increasing, but not to focus on where the money will come from or you will limited yourself and how you may become prosperous. One example is to NOT do work just to win the lottery. It is better to do overall prosperity drawing work so as to get money from any possible avenue as your odds are greater.

Oils are typically rubbed on the body in the same fashion that baths are completed- rubbing from feet to head to draw something to you and rubbing from head to foot to remove something from you. Many people will traditionally utilize several products at once to increase the power of thier spiritual work. An example of this would be bathing in Fiery Romantic Love Bath Wash, oiling thier bodies with Fiery Romantic Love Oil and then dusting thier body with Fiery Romantic Love Powder. It is important to NOT ever wear expelling type oils (i.e. Hot Foot or Break Up) upon your body. In fact, many people who use such expelling products choose not to touch them at all with their bare hands prefering to use gloves instead.

Sprinkled Within or Around a Room or Building:
Spiritual Oils may also be utilized within a room or around a building. Many people sprinkle love oils mixed with thier sexual juices upon their lover's headboard  and around the four corners of thier bedrooms to increase the energy of love and their lover's thoughts of them. Many people will rub down thier doors & window seals with Unlimited Prosperity/ Money drawing spiritual oils to draw money to their homes after they wash them down with Unlimited Prosperity Bath Wash. Others will break a bottle of Hot Foot oil  around the home of those they want to leave or move and not return. It is also common for people to break such oils around the cars of those they wish to leave. I have also heard of this in business or office settings as well to get a person fired or to quit. The method of "throwing around an enemies home" is often also used for breaking up relationships as well.  

Around or stepped upon/ touched by a Targeted Person:
One old fashioned but well utilized method is to place the oil, often mixed with an associated spiritual powder, where the targeted person will step upon it or touch it. These are known as throwing "sneaky tricks." Many people will place oils upon door handles of cars and houses so targeted people will touch them or in a place where the person will step within it several times. This has been done for both work that is to draw love or money from the targeted person as well as with targeted persons that more sinister things are planned. The most important piece of this type of work is to cleary intend what you want to happen while you are "throwing" or laying out your oil. If it is for love you should feel the feelings of love and emotion. If it is to move or hot foot someone then you should feel the feelings of dislike and strongly intend for the person to leave.

In Rituals and upon Ritual Candles:
It is quite common to use oils within ritual work to rub upon a targets name or photo and then to burn oiled and powdered candles upon it. Many people swear by dabbing a little Unlimited Prosperity oil upon the money within their wallet or purse to continually draw more money to them. Many of the old time spiritual workers, and also many today, dress ritual candles with oils and then roll them with powders to strengthen the candle's spiritual energy. One way that I was taught was to rub the oils upon the candle coming towards you to draw something to you and to rub the oil onto the candle away from you if you wish to expell something away from you. Dressing a candle with oils can be a very powerful process when done properly and when focus is in the right place. It is not so much in your technique as it is in your focus and energy.

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