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It is always recommended that a cleansing or road opening ritual preceed any love work so that all blockage to your success is removed up front. This will assist your having more success love rituals. If you have a long standing or difficult situation, you may wish to seek professional spiritual assistance. To schedule a Spiritual Reading and Consultaiton with Sister Angel Rose click button

To Heat Up your Current Love Life
Sprinkle Fiery Romantic Love Powder upon your bed sheets. For added power, sprinkle Fiery Romantic Love Cologne in the four corners of your bedroom.

Marry Me Now
Each Thursday for 13 Thursdays in a row, burn one white Couple Ritual Candle dressed (rubbed down with) with Fiery Romantic Love Oil on top of a photo of you and your lover. As the candle burns each time, read the following scriptures: Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Song of Solomon 7:10-12, Psalms 67 and Matthew 19:6. Keep all left over candle wax and photo and bury them at the church  in which you wish to be married.

To Keep Them Coming Back
Sometimes you just want to make sure that your loved one comes back to your regularly.
Take about a cup full of your first urine of the morning and mix it with about a 1/4 a cup or so of sugar and a dash of cinnamon. Then add about 2 cups of Fiery Romantic Love Cologne to this mixture. Be sure that it is mixed well. Then sprinkle it on your lover’s shoes. If you can sprinkle all of his or shoes, that is even better! Don’t worry about a smell…it will smell sweet. As you sprinkle his or her shoes say, “His or her whole name...every time you wear these shoes they bring you straight to ME in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!”

Desire Page to Find a New Love
In red or pink ink make a list of everything you desire in a lover. Be sure to list everything you can think of that is important to you. Only list things that you DO want, not things you don't want. The list should be very positive. Next, smear a little of your vaginal fluids or semen across the list. Sprinkle Fiery Romantic Love Powder and fresh pink rose petals upon your list. For 7 days in a row, beginning on a Thursday (for stable romance or marriage) or Friday (for a hot love affair) burn red candles upon your list (it is okay if some wax gets on the list.) On day one you will burn one Red Couple Ritual Candle dressed (rubbed down with) in Fiery Romantic Love Oil  upon your desire page. On days 2 through 7 you will burn one red 6' Ritual Candle upon the page.  Each night as the candle burns read the 65th  Psalms 7 times. Allow all candles to burn until they burn out. During this time wear Fiery Romantic Love Oil or Fiery Romantic Love Cologne upon your body each day when you go out. When you have completed the ritual wrap the list and the accompaning wax in red cloth and hide it within your underwear drawer or another place in your bedroom where no one will tamper with it.

To Return a Lost Love 1
Get a photo of your lost love,if you have no photo, write the person's full name & date of birth on a small piece of paper bag. Write your name across the head portion of you lost lover's photo or across the top of his or her name and rub Fiery Romantic Love Oil across it. Next, sprinkle I'm in Control Powder on top of the photo. Burn Fiery Romantic Love Candle on top of the photo. Each day read Psalms 11, 20, 88 and 145,  and pray three times per day for his or her return. 

To Return a Lost Love 2
Take a bath in Fiery Romantic Love Bath Wash for 5 days in a row. Burn a red or pink 6' Ritual Candle, with your lost lover's name carved into the wax, each night during your bath. During your bath concentrate on hearing your lost lover say the things you want to hear and on him or her coming to you. Feel the emotions of love and happiness. Get out of the tub and air dry. Save a little of your used bath water (about a cup full) each night. At the end of the 5 days take all of your collected bath water and sprinkle it around your lost lover's home or where he or she will continuously be. If you can get inside the house sprinkle it within the bedroom. If you don't know where your lost lover is, you may sprinkle it upon a pair of his or her old worn shoes, a photo, or some other peronal item and bury it out in your front yard.

To Get Someone to Love You
Write the desired person's name and date of birth in black ink on a piece of torn off paper bag. Rub Fiery Romantic Love Oil on the paper. Roll the paper up. Cut a hole inside of a red sweet apple. Place the name paper inside the apple. Pour honey on top of the apple. Next sprinkle cinnamon on top of the honey. For 5 days in a row, burn one pink 6' Ritual Candles on the apple by sticking the candle in the hole you made. Each day as the candle burns you should read Psalms 33rd 5 times. After you have completed your work, wrap the candle in pink cloth and bury it beneath a very strong tree. As the tree grows so will the person's love grow.

For Mind Control
If you want your lover to think of you none stop…wait until he or she goes into a deep sleep. Place one hand over his or her heart (just like you were laying close to them) and place the other hand on his or her head or very close to his or head (the crown is best)…now in your mind begin to tell him or her how much they love you and how they can’t bare to be without you too long. Tell him or her exactly how you want them to feel about you. Be extremely clear about what you want! If you want him or her to see you as the most beautiful or handsome person on earth then tell him or her that is the way they see you. End this by saying… “In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit let this be done!” (You may want to whisper this since your lover is till asleep)

To Make Your Lover Give You More Money
Mix Fiery Romantic Love Oil, Unlimited Prosperity Oil and I'm in Control Oil together. At least twice per week for 3 weeks, when your lover goes into a deep sleep grease his or her hands with the combination of oils. As you do so, say in your head, "You love me and want me to have more. You share all you have openly with me. It makes you happy to give to me!" If your lover is a light sleeper, you may tell your lover you want to give him or her a mini manicure or massage. Have your lover to relax and do the above. Remember you are "greasing your lovers palm," so be sure to focus on what you want him or her to do as you do it. You may personalize the combination oil just for him or her by writing his or her name in red ink on a small piece of paper. Roll the paper up and place it into the combination oils. Let it set there for at least one day.

To Bind your Lover & Keep Them Coming to You
Take a pair of your lover's soiled underwear and urinate on top of the underwear. Next take your soiled underwear and tie your underwear around your lover's underwear. Pour Fiery Romantic Love Oil on top of the two and sprinkle sugar on top. Bury everything in your front yard.

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